Counseling and Therapy Practice: FAQs

Q. How long does the application review process take?

Application review process time is 10 to 15 working days.

Q. Is an applicant who holds a master’s degree in counseling required to complete related-field degree education-attachment E, providing syllabus and actual catalog descriptions?

An applicant with a degree in counseling is not required to complete Related-Field Degree Education – Attachment E.

Q. What does the board consider a related field degree?

Related fields include guidance counseling, mental health-community counseling or agency counseling; psychology, clinical psychology, or counseling psychology; human services; family services; human and family studies; art therapy; [and] or art education with an emphasis in art therapy.

Q. Are there requirements for how CEUs are obtained?

The board no longer requires how CEUs are obtained.

Q. What is the number of years client professional records are maintained?

Records are maintained for a period of not less than six years after the last date the professional services were rendered.

Q. If a licensee or registered individual does not cooperate in an investigation by the board, is this considered a violation of the code of ethics?

Yes, a licensee or registered individual shall cooperate in ethics investigations, proceedings, and resulting requirements of the code. Release of confidential information in an investigation by the board does not constitute a violation of confidentiality.

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