Psychologist Examiners: Fees

All fees are nonrefundable.

Fees for the (EPPP), jurisprudence examination, and the (PEP) are in addition to the fees listed below, and are set by the professional examination service offering the examination on behalf of the board.


Application Fees
Initial application fee [application fee expires 24 months from the date application is received in the board office]
Online jurisprudence examination
Re-examination fee for jurisprudence exam
Application for an out-of-state psychologist to conduct court-ordered independent examination (per case)
Initial conditional prescription certificate
60-day extension of conditional prescription
Second-year conditional prescription certificate
Prescription certificate


Renewal fees
Biennial renewal active status – psychologists and psychologist associates
Biennial renewal active status – conditional prescribing and prescribing psychologists
Annual renewal – inactive status
Late fee
Reinstatement fee from inactive to active status


Miscellaneous Fees
Duplicate/replacement wall certificate
Licensee lists
Licensee labels
Per-page copy fee for public information request
License verification fee
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