Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

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Nursing Home Administrators: Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

Application by Exam

All applicants for licensure by examination must:

  • be of good moral character.
  • have completed a degreed baccalaureate program at an accredited institution of higher learning in a course of study approved by the board as adequate preparation for nursing home administration; and
  • complete the application process as set forth by board regulation and policy.
  • have completed a board approved administrator in training program or board approved internship program. The requirements include the following:
    • a minimum of 1000 hours or more of on-site, supervised training and monthly written evaluations by the preceptor.
    • the preceptor shall be a NAB-certified preceptor and a licensed nursing home administrator with at least 3 years of experience as a nursing home administrator in good standing.  NAB (


DOCUMENTATION AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS:  Each applicant for licensure by examination must provide the following documents and fees to the board. Applications for licensure are valid for one year from date of receipt and will be purged from the board’s records after that date.

  • A completed board-approved application for licensure form, signed in the presence of a notary public.
  • A recent (within the last year) passport-type photograph of the applicant that the applicant has signed on the back.
  • Complete official transcript(s) leading up to and showing that the applicant has been awarded a baccalaureate degree and sent directly to the board by the institution(s).
  • A statement of any other professional licenses held by the applicant either in New Mexico or in other states, and copies of the license(s).
  • Completed verification of licensure form(s) sent directly to the board by the applicant’s other state(s) of professional licensure.
  • Three letters of reference from persons unrelated to the applicant sent directly to the board by the references.
  • A completed, approved release form authorizing the board to conduct a criminal records check.
  • The application and licensure fee, payable to the board
  • Proof of completion of at least 1,000 hours in a board approved administrator in training program or internship program in the form of:
    • certification of a completion of a board approved administrator in training program from a NAB accredited institution providing the program; or
    • proof of completion of 1,000 hours in a board-approved internship verified through a notarized letter between the preceptor and the applicant, and submission of an AIT monthly reports completed by the preceptor and the applicant.


EXAM ELIGIBILITY DETERMINED: Upon receipt of the completed licensure application form, all other required documentation, and application fee, the board or its designee will review the application materials, determine the applicant’s eligibility to sit for the national licensing examination, and notify the applicant in writing of eligibility or ineligibility.

  • Upon finding that the applicant is eligible to take the examination, the board shall notify the eligible candidate, in writing, that their application has been approved, and provide the candidate with NAB’s website address to apply online to take the NAB exam. Exam Information – NAB (
  • The service shall notify the board electronically that the candidate has applied to take the examination and the board shall electronically indicate to the service the candidate’s eligibility to take the exam.
  • Candidates are encouraged to wait until they receive official written notice from the board that their licensure application has been approved before they apply online to take the NAB exam. If the candidate prepays the NAB fee(s) and subsequently does not meet the board’s licensure requirements and the board does not approve the candidate to take the exam, the fee(s) prepaid to NAB are nonrefundable.



Continuing Education

Continuing education is one of the most important responsibilities of the nursing home administrator and is a lifelong process. A diversity of administrative, management, and health-related learning activities is recommended to enhance the administrator’s professional skills and development, and for the administrator to stay abreast of changing requirements, laws, and trends in the nursing home field. The responsibility for continuing education rests with the individual.



  • Upon renewal, reactivation, or reinstatement, a minimum of 24 contact (60-minute) hours of board-approved continuing education must be accrued within the 12 months immediately preceding the license expiration month.
  • Up to 6 contact hours accrued over the required number may be carried over to the next renewal period.


  • The board may prorate the number of continuing education hours required for a licensee to renew the license.
  • A newly licensed individual or a person who reactivates his or her license and whose next renewal occurs within less than 12 months after the license is issued will be required to earn contact hours equivalent to 2 hours per month for each month the license is active from the month the license is issued or reactivated to the renewal month. 


 APPROVED CONTINUING EDUCATION: To be acceptable in New Mexico, a continuing education activity must have been approved by a recognized approval body which has been approved by the board and must enhance the licensee’s scope of professional development as related to his/her activities as a nursing home administrator. The participant must receive a certificate of attendance that validates the number of approved continuing education hours awarded.


RECOGNIZED APPROVAL BODIES: The board will recognize continuing education which has been sponsored or approved by the following sponsors or approval bodies:

  • New Mexico Nursing Home Administrators Board (NMNHAB)
  • National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS)
  • New Mexico Health Care Association (NMHCA)
  • New Mexico Hospitals and Health Systems Association (NMHHSA).
  • American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA).
  • American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA).
  • Association of University Programs in Health Care Administration (AUPHA).
  • American College of Health Care Executives (ACHCE); and
  • other state licensing boards for nursing home administrators.
Administrator-In-Training Program

Effective 6-13-2016, all new applicants must show proof of completion of at least 1,000 hours in a board-approved administrator-in-training (AIT) program or internship program.



National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB)


Please see applications and forms on our licensing page for the necessary forms for the program.


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