Landscape Architects: FAQs

Q: How often is the L.A.R.E. administered?

The L.A.R.E. is administered twice a year: once in June and once in December.

Q: What is required before I can take the L.A.R.E.?

You must have a completed and approved application filed with the Board Office before you can sit for the exam.

Q: What is required for a completed application?

Unless you are CLARB certified, the board requires samples of your work, three current letters of recommendation / reference, college transcripts from the university which you attended, and completed Employment Verification forms from current and past employers (no more than 5 years are necessary).

Q: Will the Board accept CLARB certification?

Yes. CLARB Certification will actually make the application process easier. If you are CLARB certified you will only be required to provide a completed and signed application, the application fee as required by the board, and your certified council record, sent directly from CLARB.

Q: I really need a license right now; can I be issued a temporary license?

No. The New Mexico Board of Landscape Architects does not allow temporary licensure.

Q: What happens when my application is approved by the Board?

You will receive a letter notifying you that your application has been approved for licensure and that a $200 initial licensure fee is due before you can receive your license certificate. Within two to three months after receipt of your license certificate, you will receive a wall certificate suitable for framing that is signed by the Chair and the Secretary of the Board.

Q: When will I have to renew my license?

All Landscape Architects licenses expire June 30 of every year. In mid-May, a renewal “postcard” reminder will be sent to you.

Q: I am not currently practicing landscape architecture. Can I place my license on Inactive Status?

Yes. However, you cannot practice Landscape Architecture if your license is on Inactive Status.

Q: Is a seal required for practice?

Yes. New Mexico law requires that each Landscape Architect registered for practice secures an embossed circular seal two inches in diameter, consisting of two concentric circles. The annular space between the two circles shall contain the seal of the State of New Mexico. Each registered Landscape Architect must submit a copy of his or her seal to the board office to be kept of file.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the office.

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