Licensing, Registration, and Renewal

Counseling and Therapy Practice: Licensing, Registration, and Renewal

Beginning January 2022, all applications for initial licensure and renewals will be completed electronically using our new online licensing portal. Paper applications and payments will no longer be accepted.


For technical assistance, please contact

Click here to apply or renew.

Counseling & Therapy Practice License Renewal Information

License Renewals Are Online

The Counseling and Therapy Practice Board and the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department are implementing a new automated licensing system. This investment will simplify the licensing process, making it easier for licensees to renew licenses in New Mexico, eliminating paper forms, money orders, and cut down on staff time required to process, review, and renew licenses.


Ready to Renew?

Please check your email and for an email with your username. If you do not know your password, or never created one, you will need to click the Forgot Password link to reset/create a password.


If you need technical assistance (logging in, passwords, etc.) using your portal, or you did not receive a separate email with a unique link to register for the first time, please email to connect with our development team for assistance. Please do not contact board staff for technical support issues, but do reach out if there is anything else we can help you with in renewing your license.







Late Renewal Penalty/Retirement Status/Inactive Status

Late Renewal Penalty: $100 plus renewal fee for incomplete renewals or renewals postmarked after September 30.


If your license is not renewed within 30 days of the expiration date, October 31, it will automatically expire and you must refrain from practicing. You will need to reapply to obtain a new license.


Retirement Status: To place your license on retirement status, you must sign and date in the box provided on your renewal form online. Request for retirement must be made on or before your license expiration date. Retirement status is not to be used for the purpose of not completing your renewal requirements. After five years of retirement status, the licensee has the option to place a license on inactive status or reinstate a license. Failure to request inactive status or retirement status will cause the license to expire.


As stated in Part 3, section 11, a retired license may be restored within five years of being placed on retirement status by notifying the board in writing, providing the board with proof of having completed 40 hours of continuing education during the retirement period, and paying $100 reinstatement fee plus the licensure fee.


Inactive Status: A request for inactive status must be submitted in writing or by email.

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