Nursing Home Administrators: FAQs

Q: Is the Nursing Home Administrators (NHA) Board responsible for regulating the actual nursing homes?

No. The NHA Board is responsible for regulating nursing home administrators ONLY. The New Mexico Department of Health oversees nursing homes.

Q: Is a bachelor’s degree required to become a Nursing Home Administrator in the State of New Mexico?

Yes. An applicant must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in a course of study approved by the board as adequate preparation for nursing home administration.

Q: Can an administrator reciprocate from another state?

Yes. An applicant must be licensed as a nursing home administrator in at least one other state. (Click Here for Details 16.13.5)

Q: When does a temporary license apply in New Mexico?

Only reciprocity applicants are issued temporary permits to work as nursing home administrators until their applications are processed. These ONE-TIME temporary permits are issued for a maximum period of 120 days ONLY.

Q: When and where can I take the NAB exam?

(Click Here for Details 16.13.3)

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