Physical Therapy: Overview

The New Mexico Physical Therapy Board oversees the practice of physical therapy. All physical therapists should have required educational and professional experience before they could be licensed to practice in New Mexico.

      • Mission Statement

The mission of the New Mexico Physical Therapy Board is to actively promote, regulate, and protect the health of all stakeholders in New Mexico through effective oversight of the profession of Physical Therapy, including all aspects related to licensure, revision of the rules and regulations, and promoting the public’s best interest for those services it seeks.

      • Objectives of Mission

Objectives included for the New Mexico Physical Therapy Board needed to meet its mission include:

      • Ensuring that those individual’s practicing physical therapy, in the state of New Mexico, have sufficient education, training, professional ethics and competence, supported through the rules and statues to govern that practice.
      • Ensure that the responsibility of the Board uphold their ability to investigate and discipline those licensees whose practice does not meet the minimum standard of care, as outlined in the rules and statues, and with congruency with APTA and FSBPT guidelines, to provide quality care.
      • Ensure that the current standards of practice, for physical therapy, are reflected and supported through the advocacy of the Board and their administration, per the Bylaws for physical therapy practice, in the state of New Mexico.
      • Ensure the transparency of the Board’s functions and operations and provide information about licensee’s current status to practice and those disciplined and the laws governing their practice for physical therapy.
      • Ensure that all Board activities achieve and maintain the highest possible level of organizational efficiency, to meet its mission in the protection of all stakeholders.
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