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Athletic Commissions: Statutes, Rules, and Rule Hearings

The text of our rules is available at the official site of the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)
The text of our governing statutes is available here



The Athletic Commission, Regulation and Licensing Department, gives Notice of a Minor, Nonsubstantive Correction to 15.6.20 NMAC.


Pursuant to the authority granted under State Rules Act, Subsection D of Section 14-4-3 NMSA 1978, please note that the following minor, non-substantive corrections to spelling, grammar and format have been made to all electronic copies of the above rule:


              Section 19:  Changed numbering for subsections D thru F to C thru E, to conform to correct legislative style.


A copy of this Notification will be filed with the official version of the above rule.

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