Athletic Trainers: FAQs

Submission of my application: Will I be granted a provisional permit?

Upon meeting the minimum requirements an individual may be granted a provisional permit until they have passed the national certification exam. The provisional permit will be valid no more than six months. No individual will be issued more than two provisional permits.

What are the requirements to become licensed as an Athletic Trainer in New Mexico?

Completed application, one hundred twenty five dollar ($125.00) application fee, proof of current NATA-BOC certification, proof of current competence in CPR and use of AED, demonstrates professional competence by satisfactorily passing the New Mexico jurisprudence examination, and demonstrates professional competency by satisfactorily passing the NATA examination.

Does the Board have reciprocity?

No, the board does not license applicant through reciprocity.

What are the renewal requirements?

Each person licensed under the act shall renew their license annually on or before the expiration date by submitting a renewal application, the renewal fee, proof of current CPR certification, AED certification, and proof of current NATA-BOC certification.

I will be leaving the state for a couple of years; does the board have retirement status or inactive status?

The board does not have the option of retirement status. However, by notifying the board in writing before the expiration of your current license, you may request inactive status. To resume practice in New Mexico, you may restore your license by a written request for reinstatement and the board staff will send a reinstatement renewal notice.

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