Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

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Board of Funeral Services: Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

Education Requirements


    Associate degree in funeral science requiring the completion of at least 60 semester hours from an institution whose funeral program is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education or any other successor institution offering funeral service education recognized by the United States government.

    American Board of Funeral Services Education

Funeral Service Intern


Funeral service interns (FSI) must serve for not less than 12 months under the supervision of a licensed funeral service practitioner. FSIs must complete 50 case studies and submit them to the board quarterly. When an FSI has completed 50 case studies under direct supervision, they can apply to be under general supervision of a funeral service practitioner.

Continuing Education

A licensee who is age is 65 or above and who has been licensed by the board for at least 20 consecutive years shall not be required to meet continuing education requirements.

A funeral service intern who is practicing funeral service under general supervision in any category shall be subject to the continuing education requirements of 16.64.6 NMAC.

Continuing education may be obtained in the following areas related to funeral services.

Academic activities:

  1. completion of courses offered by accredited institutions of higher education
  2. completion of home study courses offered by approved sponsors of such courses

Professional activities:

  1. attendance at workshops, conferences, seminars, and institutions of approved funeral service educational opportunities
  2. service on a board of directors of a funeral service organization, including the New Mexico Board of Funeral Services
  3. published literary contributions

Public education and service:

  1. conducting or participating as an instructor in school presentations and other related workshops, conferences, seminars, and institutions
  2. speeches on funeral service before religious or civic organizations
  3. attendance at meetings of the board





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