Licensing, Registration, and Renewal

Occupational Therapy: Licensing, Registration, and Renewal

License and registration attachments required for online application

Occupational Therapist – Provisional Permit Supervisory Form
Occupational Therapist Assistant – COTA Supervisory Form
Occupational Therapist Assistant – Provisional Permit Supervisory Form
OT- Application for Continuing Education



Mentoring Log

Please note, you may be required to upload additional documents which will be determined by the pathway in which you submit your application or renewal application.

Requirements for licensure

61-12A-11. Requirements for licensure.

A. An applicant applying for a license as an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant shall file a written application provided by the board, accompanied by the required fees and documentation, and demonstrating to the satisfaction of the board that the applicant has:

     (1)       successfully completed the academic requirements of an educational program in occupational therapy that is either:

          (a) accredited by the American occupational therapy association’s accreditation council for occupational therapy education; or

          (b) in the case of a foreign educational program, accepted by the national board for certification in occupational therapy when the therapist applies to take that board’s examination;

     (2)       successfully completed a period of supervised field work experience at a recognized educational institution or a training program approved by the educational institution where the occupational therapist or the occupational therapy assistant has met the academic requirements of Paragraph (1) of this subsection; provided that:

          (a) an occupational therapist shall complete a minimum of twenty-four weeks of supervised fieldwork experience or satisfy any generally recognized past standards that identified minimum fieldwork requirements at the time of graduation; and

          (b) an occupational therapy assistant shall complete a minimum of sixteen weeks of supervised fieldwork experience or satisfy any generally recognized past standards that identified minimum fieldwork requirements at the time of graduation;

     (3)       has passed an examination prescribed by the national board for certification in occupational therapy or the board; and

     (4)       has no record of unprofessional conduct or incompetence.

B. In the case of an occupational therapy assistant or a person practicing on a provisional permit, the applicant shall file with the board a signed, current statement of supervision by the occupational therapist who will be the responsible supervisor.

C. The board shall verify, as necessary, information contained on the completed application and any supporting documentation required to obtain a license.


Licenses that have been expired for longer than a year must provide evidence of 15 continuing education hours per year expired to be considered. Please keep in mind before submitting applications that application fees are nonrefundable, and applications without continuing education hours to correspond with every year expired will be held until those hours are provided.

Look up or verify a license

Click HERE to look up or verify a license.


See “Search License” for a basic license search.


For official license verification, see “License Verification Request.” Licensee name and license type are required information on this form, and having the license number will help expedite the verification process. The Search License feature can help you locate a specific license number.

Your Title Goes Here

Click here to apply or renew.

To Renew:

 Click NM-PLUS link above and then click on the on the “Self Register” link.
1. Fill out the presented form and click “Register”.
2. Once you successfully complete your registration form, you will receive an email (at the email address you entered) from that will allow you to set your password (if you do not see the email, please check your inbox or spam/junk folder to ensure you received this important email).
3. After setting your password, you can then enter the portal and renew your license. Once renewed, please print the electronic copy of your license which you may use until your official license is received from the board office.

** Please note, if you have completed the steps above, and upon entering the portal, if you do not see your license information, you will need to email the RLD IT Support Team with the following information:             

Email to:
Subject Line: Renewal Registration Complete                                                                                                                  Within the body of the email, please also include your name and license number.

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