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The Cannabis Control Division regulates and licenses cannabis producers, manufacturers, retailers, couriers and testing and research laboratories operating in the medical and adult-use markets to ensure public health and safety. To achieve this, the division establishes policy and rules pertaining to licensing, promoting social equity, compliance and enforcement.


The Cannabis Control Division issues licenses to cannabis producers, microbusiness producers, integrated microbusinesses, manufacturers, retailers, consumption areas, vertically integrated establishments, couriers, and testing and research laboratories. Licenses are good for one year, beginning on the date of issuance. While applications for most licenses is conducted online, CCD staff assists applicants and licensees through the initial licensing process and renewal process in subsequent years. The division works in concert with the Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Engineer, Environment Department, other state agencies, tribes and pueblos to assist applicants to get licensed.


The division works to ensure compliance by monitoring cannabis activities, conducting site inspections, working with local governments, and responding to consumer complaints. Division compliance officers are trained on requirements for cannabis establishments, laws and regulations pertaining to display, packaging and labeling, advertising and marketing, recording sales, fire safety, security, and occupational health and safety standards. When violations are discovered, CCD staff works with the licensee to get them into compliance.


The division investigates reports of violations of the Cannabis Regulatory Act. If a violation is discovered, CCD staff will either work with the violating party to correct the issue, notify local law enforcement, or work together with law enforcement officials to prepare for possible prosecution.


The division works to establish rules for the cannabis industry based on best practices through a process that invites input from the public and industry stakeholders in order to make informed decisions. The Cannabis Regulatory Advisory Committee assists in this process by examining issues and making recommendations to the division. The division imposes emergency rules when appropriate and follows the state process for rulemaking by publishing and conducting public hearings on proposed laws.

 Social Equity

As mandated by the Cannabis Regulation Act, the division works to promote and encourage participation in the cannabis industry by people in communities disproportionately harmed by enforcement of cannabis prohibition, rural communities likely to be impacted by cannabis production, and agricultural producers from economically disadvantaged communities. The CCD also establishes procedures for promoting and encouraging racial, ethnic, gender and geographic diversity and New Mexico residency for those participating in the cannabis industry. Consequently, the division has set up a program aimed at assisting qualified applicants by assigning them a licensing specialist to help them navigate the process and support them in getting their business in a position to succeed.



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