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Health and safety are at the heart of the CCD compliance team. Cannabis compliance officers are extensively trained on laws relating to all commercial cannabis activity. Compliance officers regularly inspect all cannabis establishments across New Mexico. Site visits are also prompted by consumer complaints.

Compliance is essential to protect cannabis consumers, employees, and all New Mexicans. If you are aware of any illegal activity, unsafe practices, health hazards, or violations, please let us know by filing a complaint HERE. All complaints are investigated by the compliance team.

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Our compliance officers will work with business owners to correct violations. However, if the business owner remains noncompliant a Notice of Contemplated Action (NCA) is issued, and a formal prosecution process of the business ensues. Consequences include mandatory ceasing of operations, steep fines, and/or license revocation. Noncompliance can also result in formal criminal charges of individual business owners. Criminal charges are handled by individual jurisdictions and can be in conjunction with the CCD.

All noncompliant businesses who have been formally prosecuted by the CCD can be found on our Enforcement Actions page HERE.

Reporting Requirements for Theft, Loss or Confiscation of Cannabis or Cannabis Products

The Cannabis Control Division asks all licensees to promptly inform the CCD in writing of any theft of cannabis or cannabis products, loss of cannabis or cannabis products due to unanticipated events (property fires, water damage, contamination, etc.), or confiscation of cannabis or cannabis products by legal authorities. This notification must be made no later than 24 hours after the licensee becomes aware of the incident/loss. The notification should include the cannabis business name and license number, date, time, and location of the incident, along with a list or manifest detailing what was taken or lost, including wholesale and retail values. Additionally, if applicable, licensees are required to provide a copy of the police report, video footage, and any other supporting evidence requested by the CCD.

To ease licensees in this reporting process, the CCD has created an online questionnaire. Please fill out the form to the best of your abilities using the button below.

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