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The primary mission of the Financial Institutions Division (FID) is to license and regulate financial entities within its jurisdiction, to promote a sound financial and economic environment, and to safeguard consumer rights.

  • Safety and soundness are the primary focus in the administration of the acts related to insured depository institutions (banks, credit unions, and savings and loans associations).
  • Compliance is the primary focus in the administration of different rules, regulations, and acts related to non-depository industries (trust companies, collection agencies, endowed care cemeteries, small loan companies, motor vehicle sales finance companies, mortgage companies and loan brokers, escrow companies, and money service businesses).
  • Consumer protection is the underlying purpose of FID, which regulates approximately 16,000 financial institutions and providers in New Mexico. FID licenses and regulates New Mexico-chartered banks, state-chartered savings & loan associations (aka savings banks), New Mexico-chartered credit unions, New Mexico-certified independent trust companies, mortgage loan companies, small loan companies, motor vehicle sales finance companies, collection agencies, repossessors, money service businesses, escrow companies, and endowed care cemeteries.

To accomplish these goals, FID works closely with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve Banks, the National Credit Union Administration, and other federal and state regulatory bodies.

News and Announcements

The 2023 Small Loan Annual Report Is Now Available

The FID has posted the Small Loan Act Annual Report.  Please visit our “Annual Reports” page, then select “Small Loan Annual Reports”, then “Small Loan Annual Reports” again to retrieve the FID’s new aggregated report for small loan activities during calendar year 2023 as well as historical annual reports dating back to 2011.

Licensing requirement determination request guidance

The FID has released regulatory guidance regarding informal licensing requirement determination requests.  Please see the full guidance on the “Department Issued Guidance” portion of our website.

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Financial Institutions Division

The Financial Institutions Division (FID) licenses and regulates approximately 16,000 financial institutions, branches, managers, and individuals. Each type of financial entity has its own specific statutes, rules, and licensing requirements.  These include state-chartered banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions; as well as independent trust companies; mortgage loan companies and originators; money service businesses; small loan companies; collection agencies and repossessors; escrow companies; motor vehicle sales finance companies; and endowed care cemetery trusts operating in the State of New Mexico.

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