Compliance Team

Compliance Team

Health and safety are at the heart of the CCD compliance team. Cannabis compliance officers are extensively trained on laws relating to all commercial cannabis activity. Compliance officers regularly inspect all cannabis establishments across New Mexico. Site visits are also prompted by consumer complaints.

Compliance is essential to protect cannabis consumers, employees, and all New Mexicans. If you are aware of any illegal activity, unsafe practices, health hazards, or violations, please let us know by filing a complaint here. All complaints are promptly investigated by the compliance team.

Contact the Compliance Team:

Nick Mourning
Michelle Alatorre

Compliance Officer – Las Cruces
(505) 412-8596

Esperanza Salazar
Charles Nuanes
Santiago Silva
Helen Taylor
Adan Leyva
Gerard Matthews
Autumn Marquez
Justin Moreno
Wellington Guzman
Luciano Martinez
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