CCD Compliance FAQs

Compliance FAQs

How do I get my Bio Track information/ Username and password?

Your Bio Track information is sent to you in the email that was sent to you when your license was approved.

Why can’t I add inventory to my Biotrack?

New Producers and Micro Producers have a 15-day window to enter seeds and clones without a source code.  Once this window is closed you will need to contact to add any new genetics.  Please include your company name, your name, contact information i.e. phone number, and a brief message about what or why you need to add inventory

I need my BioTrack 15-day window reopened. Can the CCD open my 15-day window?

Yes. The Cannabis Control Division can reopen a closed 15-day inventory window. We only open the window for 24 hours, you can only request one window opening every 3 months, you can only input clones and genetics into BioTrack via an open window, and we may ask you to provide specific documentation pertaining to the inventory you wish to upload into BioTrack. The Cannabis Control Division will not open a licensee’s window for any reason other than to input seeds, clones, and genetics.

I am having BioTrack issues and need backend corrections performed in order to correct my issue. Can the CCD fix these issues?

No. First visit our webpage here that has outlined common BioTrack issues and how to resolve them. You then should contact BioTrack support, open a ticket, and explain the issue to the BioTrack Support Representative. Some BioTrack issues may require State approval before BioTrack Support can correct your issue. Please note, BioTrack may charge you a fee (minimum $200) for some backend corrections. Please discuss fees with your BioTrack Support Representative.

How do I get a source code?

All valid inventory being manifested to you comes with a source code.  Source codes for seeds and clones will be created when you enter them as new inventory in BioTrack.

Can I sell Clones in a retail store?

Yes, however, please contact the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA). Clones are considered immature cannabis and a nursey license is required to sell immature cannabis plants.

Do immature plant counts have a limit?

No, you do not have a limit for immature plant counts.  Only for mature plants.

Can you approve my packaging before I place a mass order?

No. We cannot approve or deny any packaging, labeling, or marketing material that is sent to The Division. We recommend checking with your legal counsel.

I am having trouble interpreting the rules. Can a compliance officer answer my questions?

Yes, but we cannot offer any operational/legal advice. We would recommend contacting your legal counsel or company consultant for a more specific answer.

How often will my cannabis facility be inspected?

The Cannabis Control Division’s goal is to inspect every licensed facility at least once a year. You can expect a Compliance Officer at your facility at least once per year. Compliance Officers may visit your facility more than once for various reasons such as follow up inspections or investigations.

Can I schedule an appointment with a Compliance Officer for them to conduct a sight inspection on my facility?

No. Compliance Officers are assigned schedules every month and have strict deadlines to meet.

A Compliance Officer conducted a sight inspection and marked me out of compliance for some issues they observed during their initial visit. How long do I have to correct these issues?

At the end of your sight inspection, a Compliance Officer will review their findings with you and will send you a Notice of License Violation (NOLV) via email. From the time you receive the NOLV you will have 5 business days to send The Cannabis Control Division a Corrective Action Plan. The Corrective Action Plan outlines what the violation is, how you plan to correct the violation, who will correct the violation, and an expected date of completion. Licensees have 1 calendar month to correct ALL violations and to submit evidence to The Cannabis Control Division that each violation is corrected. Once all violations have been corrected, a Compliance Officer will send you a Close Out Letter stating that your facility is in compliance. If the Division does not receive your corrections, you may be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to fines and license revocation.

The smell of cannabis coming from a facility near me is overwhelming. Can the CCD act on this?

Unfortunately, no. We recommend reaching out to your local municipality with odor concerns.

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