Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

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Social Work Examiners: Insructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education 

Continuing Education Credit Requirements

  • 30 hours of continuing education will be required every 2 years.
  • 20 of those hours must be approved by our board, which are approved by NASW, ASWB, NBCC, NM Counseling and Therapy Board, and NM Psychology Board.
  • 6 of the 30 hours must be in the subject area of cultural awareness.
  • Proof of participation in or presentation of continuing education activity must be submitted if the licensee is audited. All continuing education hours must be earned during the current 2-year renewal period of July 1 thru June 30. Please refer to 16.63.12 for more information regarding continuing education.
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