NM Board of Pharmacy mailing address:

5500 San Antonio Dr. NE Suite C
Albuquerque NM 87109

Business hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST
Except Holidays

The New Mexico Board of Pharmacy regulates the pharmaceutical industry that includes licensing pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacist interns, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, public health clinics, drug research facilities, and boarding homes.

The Board of Pharmacy investigates complaints dealing with misfilled prescriptions, controlled substance thefts, dispensing adulterated and unapproved drugs, failure to properly communicate side effects of prescription medications to patients, and other violations dealing with unprofessional conduct.

The board administers and enforces the Pharmacy Act, the Drug Device and Cosmetic Act, the Controlled Substance Act, the Drug Precursor Act, and the Drug Product Selection Act.

Coronavirus Information is located under the FAQs section (click here)

USP <797>

An update to USP <797> becomes effective November 1, 2023. An overview of key changes can be found here: 

Medical Gas Repackagers and Sellers:

If you are a manufacturer, wholesale drug distributor, or pharmacy licensed by the Board, a separate medical gas license is not required.

Healthcare Distribution Alliance Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition Fraud Alert
Volunteers Sought For Continuous Professional Development Project
Monitored Treatment Program reminder

Contact Information

After Hours Diversion Emergencies – 505-469-5641
Licensing, PMP, and Administrative issues – Please call numbers below during business hours


Cheranne McCracken, R.Ph., Executive Director/Chief Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9841
(Questions regarding rules, drug diversion, complaints, inspections, presentation of law updates, web updates, etc.)

Michael VanWagenen R.Ph., PMP Director
(505) 222-9818
(Questions regarding the PMP, HIPAA requests for patients, etc.)

Maria Gonzales, PMP Manager
(505) 222-9847
(Questions regarding the PMP, PMP registration, ID and passwords, HIPAA requests for patients, etc.)

Irlanda Torres, Licensing Manager
(505) 222-9833
(Questions regarding applications, initial licensing, licensing, duplicate licenses, renewals, licensee updates, etc.)

Kristina Benavidez, Licensing Assistant
(505) 222-9830

Administrative Assistant 
(505) 222-9830
(Contact for law updates, general questions, etc.  This is the NMBOP main number.)


Jooyung Han, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9810

Kristofer Mossberg, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9836

Adela Padilla, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9842

Bobby Padilla, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9840

Bryan Yamashita, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector

(Inspector questions include rules, drug diversion, complaints, inspections, investigations, etc.)

New Mexico Board of Pharmacy Offices
5500 San Antonio Dr NE Suite C
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
(505) 222-9830
(505) 222-9845 Fax
(800) 565-9102 Toll Free
Email the Board of Pharmacy

Public Notice For Records Inspection
VIPPS Accredited Pharmacy

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