Chiropractic Board: FAQs

What is required to obtain a license?
How often is the jurisprudence examination administered?

The Jurisprudence Exam is self-administered and should be completed and submitted with your application. The exam is open-book; rules and statutes should be reviewed prior to submission.

Will the board notify me if I am missing some documents from my application?

Yes. A status letter will be sent with notification of missing documents.

Who can write letters of recommendation?

Anyone who can recommend the applicant professionally and speak to the applicant’s professional activities, such as colleagues or supervisors.

What happens when my application is approved by the board?

A license number will be issued, processed, and mailed to the address the board has on file within three to five working days.

When will I have to renew my license?

All chiropractors’ licenses expire annually on June 30. In mid-May, a courtesy online renewal reminder postcard will be sent to you.

I am not currently practicing chiropractic. May I place my license on inactive status?

Yes, please submit notice to the board that you would like to place your license on inactive status. Please note, you will be required to renew your inactive status annually by submitting an inactive renewal application with the associated $100 fee via check or money order made out to the New Mexico Chiropractic Board. YOU CANNOT PRACTICE WITH AN INACTIVE LICENSE.

How can I obtain a list of licensees?

A licensee list will be made available upon written request for a fee of $75. The list is made available in hard copy and label format. The request will be filled in approximately 4 to 5 working days.

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