Interior Design: FAQs

Q: How and when do I renew my license?

All licenses issued by the department shall expire four years after the date issued and shall be renewed by submitting a completed renewal application, accompanied by the required fees, online at

Each licensed interior designer must have completed no less than 20 continuing education hours of educational instruction or training in interior design subjects or courses of study, within each renewal period, as defined in NMAC. The department may make exceptions from this continuing education requirement in cases that the licensee provides evidence of emergency or hardship.

How do I put my license in inactive status?

A license in good standing may be transferred to inactive status upon written request to the department. Such request shall be made prior to the expiration of the license.

  1. The licensee shall submit their license to the department along with a written request to be placed on inactive status. The licensee is deemed inactive status at the time of the request and license are stamped and received at the department. In the event the license is lost or otherwise unavailable for delivery, inactivation of the license will take place at the time the department receives and marks them at the department.
  2. After 3 years of inactive status, a licensee is required to reapply for licensure.
  3. No licensee will automatically be placed on inactive status by failure of the licensee to renew their license or to pay the annual inactive status fee.
  4. No licensee shall be placed on inactive status if the licensee is under investigation or if disciplinary proceedings have been initiated.
  5. The voluntary inactivation of a license will not prevent the commission from taking disciplinary action again the licensee.

An annual inactive status fee must be submitted to the department by October 1 of each year. Failure to pay the inactive fee will result in the license being deemed expired.

Any person who desires to reinstate their license must notify the department of their desire to reinstate the inactive license. Upon receipt of such notice, the department will send the inactive licensee an application for reinstatement.

The inactive licensee shall submit the application for reinstatement together with the applicable fee(s) and proof of no less than 20 continuing education hours for each 4-year period of inactive status, as defined in 16.42.6 NMAC.

How do I apply for expedited licensure for military service members, spouses, children, and veterans?

A candidate seeking licensure under Section 61-1-34 NMSA 1978 must submit to the department a complete application online at with the following:

    1. Proof of a current license in good standing in another jurisdiction, including a branch of the United States armed forces;
    2. submission of the following documentation:
      • for a military service member, a copy of military orders;
      • for a spouse of military service member, copy of military service member’s military orders and a copy of marriage license;
      • for a spouse of deceased military service members, a copy of decedent’s DD form 214 and a copy of marriage license;
      • for dependent children of military service members, a copy of military service member’s orders listing dependent child, or a copy of military orders and one of the following: a copy of birth certificate, military service member’s federal income tax return, or other governmental or judicial documentation establishing dependency; or
      • for veterans (retired or separated), proof of honorable discharge such as a copy of DD Form 214, DD Form 215, DD Form 256, DD Form 257, NGB Form 22, military ID card, a driver’s license or state ID card with a veteran’s designation, or other documentation verifying honorable discharge.


    1. The initial licensing fee is waived for the first 4 years of licensure.
    2. The renewal fee is $250.00 as defined in 16.42.5 NMAC.

    Renewal requirements:

    1. A licensee pursuant to this section shall not be renewed unless the licensee meets requirements for licensure and for the renewal of a license pursuant to Section 61-24C-10, NMSA 1978.
    2. Original and renewal licensing shall be valid for a period of 4 years.
    3. Prior to the expiration of the license; licensee shall apply for renewal and pay the renewal fee as set forth in NMAC.
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