Pharmacy File a Complaint

Pharmacy: File a Complaint

Complaint Procedures

Complaint Form

The Pharmacy Board investigates each complaint received and, if necessary, takes action on any license or registration issued by the board. A substantiated violation of a board regulation or state law enforced by the board is necessary for the board to sanction a licensee or registrant.

Grounds for investigation and possible board action include:

    • Prescription dispensing errors including a patient receiving the wrong drug, wrong drug strength, or wrong directions
    • Dispensing misbranded, adulterated, or unapproved drugs
    • Pharmacist dishonorable or unprofessional conduct including working impaired because of drug or alcohol use
    • Failure by the pharmacist to adequately inform the patient on proper use of the medication including side-effects, interactions, usage indications, etc.
    • Receiving money for professional services by fraud, misrepresentation, or deception
    • Unauthorized divulging of patient confidential information
    • Diversion or theft of drugs by a licensee

If your complaint does not fall in the categories listed or you have questions, contact the board office and ask the inspector on duty to help you determine if the board can assist with your complaint.

Complete the complaint form and return it to the board office. It will be assigned to an inspector to investigate. Urgent situations involving patient or public health welfare should be communicated immediately to the board by telephone or fax. Following this, a complaint form should then be completed and sent to the board office.

Issues the Board of Pharmacy cannot resolve include:

    • Malpractice complaints on doctors, dentists, or other healthcare practitioners (except pharmacist-clinicians)
    • Normal pharmacy billing procedures or drug pricing policies
    • Prescription insurance complaints not involving fraud
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