Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

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Athletic Trainers: Instructors, Training Requirements, and Continuing Education

APPLICANTS FOR LICENSURE APPLICANTS FOR LICENSURE: As an athletic trainer, one must possess the following
qualifications and provide the required documentation with the application.


A.   Application for licensure shall be made on forms prescribed by the board.
(1)     Completed application signed, dated, and notarized
(2)     Applications must be accompanied by the required fee, which shall be nonrefundable
(3)     Education requirements: holds a baccalaureate degree
(4)     Current NATA-BOC or show proof of three-part exam registration through NATA-BOC
(5)     Current competence in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of automated  electrical defibrillator units (AED)


B.   Documentation required for licensure:
(1)     Completed application
(2)     One hundred twenty five dollar ($125.00) application fee (nonrefundable)
(4)     Proof of current NATA-BOC certification
(5)     Proof of current competence in CPR and use of AED
(6)     Demonstrates professional competency by satisfactorily passing the New Mexico jurisprudence examination
(7)     Demonstrates professional competency by satisfactorily passing the NATA examination


C.   Applicants who are not NATA certified shall apply to take the NATABOC or its successor organization’s exam or other exams offered by the board as demonstration of professional competence. Successful completion of either exam is a requirement for licensure.


D.  Each applicant must, in addition to the other requirements, pass an examination on the New Mexico laws and regulations pertaining to the practice of athletic training before an initial license may be issued (jurisprudence examination).


Athletic Trainer Application

Attachment A

2022 Athletic Trainer Renewal Application




A.  Each licensee shall be required to earn 75 continuing education units (CEUs) (contact hours), during each three-year reporting period. The reporting period will correspond to the NATA or its successor organization’s reporting period of every three years. Subsequent reporting periods will be for a period of three years and reporting 75 continuing education units.


B.  CEUs may be earned by completing CPR/AED certification, completing continuing education courses approved by the NATA-BOC or its successor organization, or by completing course work taken at an accredited college or university which falls within one of the performance domains identified in the current NATA-BOC (or its successor organization) role delineation study. Ten CEUs are awarded for each credit hour earned in an applicable course taken at any accredited college or university.


C.  Each licensee shall report CEUs earned during a reporting period at the next license renewal period. Reporting of CEUs may be by either submitting a copy of the status card which indicates that certified athletic trainer in good status with the NATA or its successor organization, by a letter from the NATA or its successor organization indicating completion of CEUs, or by submitting the actual documentation of completion of CEU courses.

New Mexico Athletic Trainers Association
National Athletic Trainers Association
Board of Certification (BOC)
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