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Section 47-14-18(F) of the New Mexico AMC Registration Act requires AMCs to provide Type 5 NTTC’s to New Mexico licensed appraisers who perform appraisal services for AMCs who will subsequently resell the appraiser services to lenders.

In order to execute NTTCs to appraisers, an AMC must register with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and obtain a Combined Reporting System (CRS) identification number for tax reporting purposes. Registration may be done online at the Taxation and Revenue Department website at Taxpayer Access Point – State of New Mexico.

The AMCs must meet the statutory requirements set out in Section 7-9-48, NMSA 1978. Receipts from selling a service for resale may be deducted from gross receipts or from governmental gross receipts if the sale is made to a person who delivers a nontaxable transaction certificate to the seller. The buyer delivering the nontaxable transaction certificate must resell the service in the ordinary course of business and the resale must be subject to the gross receipts tax or governmental gross receipts tax.

If you have questions regarding New Mexico gross receipts tax, or if you need further information about applying for a CRS identification number, please contact the Taxation and Revenue Department directly at 505-827-0951 or at Home : Taxation and Revenue New Mexico.


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