Pharmacy: Board Members

All Board related communications must be directed to the NMBOP Office

Board Members
Chris Woodul, R.Ph., Southwest District, Board Chairman
William “Bill” Lord, R.Ph., Hospital Representative, Vice Chairman
Johnny S. Volpato, Jr., R.Ph., Southeast District
Lewis Dale McCleskey, R.Ph., Central District
Gwen Griscom, Public Member
Teri Rolan, R.Ph., Northwest District
Mandelyn V. Cordova, Public Member
Cathy L. Drake, M.D., Public Member
Angela Gonzales Jaber, R.Ph., Northeast District
Cheranne McCracken, R.PH., Executive Director/Chief Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9841
Maria Gonzales CPhT, PMP Manager
(505) 222-9847
Gabriella Romero, Administrative Operations Supervisor
(505) 222-9835
Rocio Cruz, Licensing Manager
(505) 222-9833
Kristina Benavidez, Licensing Assistant
(505) 222-9830
Administrative Assistant
(505) 222-9830 (this is the main board phone number)
Drug Inspectors:
Jooyung Han, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector
(505) 222-9810
Bryan Yamashita, R.Ph., State Drug Inspector
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