Counseling and Therapy Practice Board Members

The Board is comprised of professional and public members who are appointed by and serve at the will of the Governor. By law, the Board consists of the following:

  • Seven Total Members who are current New Mexico residents and have been for the preceding five years
    • Five Professional Members
    • Two Public Members who have not been licensed or practiced in the profession or have any significant financial interest in the profession


Adam Griego, Board Administrator

As a public body in New Mexico, the Board is subject to and follows the requirements of the New Mexico Open Meetings Act. All meetings of a quorum of the Board must be noticed at least 10 days before the meeting with information on when and where the meeting will take place, including if the meeting will include an option to join remotely.

An agenda that includes specific items of business to be discussed or voted on will be posted on the website as soon as possible before the meeting, and no less than 72 hours before the meeting begins. Minutes of each public meeting will be completed within 10 days after a meeting, and staff will post draft minutes on the website as soon as they have been reviewed for accuracy.

The public are invited to attend any Board meeting, and public comment may be made during the meeting if included as an item on the agenda.


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