Cannabis License Renewal

The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) is transitioning to a new automated licensing system, NM-PLUS. The previous online portal, Salesforce, is now offline. NM-PLUS is expected to go live and become accessible sometime during the week of May 6, 2024. This brief transition period between the two systems will allow CCD staff to conduct further testing to ensure the licensing platform is functioning smoothly, facilitating easy access and navigation for licensees and applicants upon its launch.


Outside of time-sensitive requests, paper applications (new, renewals, and amendments) will not be accepted during this transition period. Please prepare all documentation to submit your application online as soon as NM-PLUS becomes accessible. NM-PLUS will significantly improve the speed at which the CCD reviews and approves applications.


Additionally, all applications in “Draft” status in Salesforce will be deleted, necessitating the submission of new applications in NM-PLUS once it has launched. Please review all draft applications currently in Salesforce and save any necessary information to submit on the new system.


Notification will be sent to all licensees and applicants as soon as NM-PLUS is operational. Video tutorials will also be distributed and published on the CCD’s website. To avoid any errors or problems with your application, please refrain from attempting to access NM-PLUS until further instructions are provided.


Please note that BioTrack is a separate system and will remain accessible during this transition period and downtime.


While the CCD is prepared to address any potential setbacks, licensees are reminded to promptly submit renewal applications in order to prevent any lapse in licensure status. A completed license renewal application and fee shall be received by the CCD from the licensee no earlier than 60 calendar days before the expiration of the license and no later than 30 days before the expiration of the license.


To reduce phone wait times and allow for assistance with other important CCD-related issues, please direct any questions or concerns about this licensing update to


We appreciate your patience as we enhance our licensing platform to better serve you.

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