State Chartered Credit Unions

The Financial Institutions Division is responsible for supervision and regulation of New Mexico credit unions organized under the Credit Union Act § 58-11-1, et seq., NMSA 1978. Credit unions are cooperative, nonprofit, financial institutions organized under, or subject to, the Credit Union Act for the purposes of encouraging thrift among its members, creating a source of credit at fair and reasonable rates of interest and providing an opportunity for its members to use and control their own money on a democratic basis in order to improve their economic and social condition.  The function of supervision, management, and liaison is under the direction of the Credit Union Industry Manager and the examination function is under the direction of the Chief Examiner.

Note: We do not supervise federal credit unions. They are regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and New Mexico is under NCUA Region 4. Please see the helpful links section of our website for information regarding federally chartered entities.

For a list of credit unions we supervise, please click here.

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