Small Offerings by Issuers with Local Operations

This is an intrastate exemption that permits general solicitation and the total offering, including interest on installment payments does not exceed $2.5 million. There is no limit on the number of purchasers; however the following conditions apply:

  • The issuer’s principal office or principal place of business or a majority of its employees or assets must be located in New Mexico.
  • More than one-half of the offering proceeds must be used in New Mexico.
  • An offering document must be delivered to each prospective purchaser prior to sale, disclosing such information as the Director requires.

Even though these offerings do not have to meet the substantive standards that are applied to registered offerings, resale of such securities is restricted.

An update to the rules on intrastate offering exemptions has been made, please see the link.


Filing Requirement:
Completed Form 202X must be filed no less than ten (10) business days before the first sale of securities in this state.
Filing Fee:
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