Construction Industries Division: About Us

The Construction Industries Division protects New Mexico consumers by licensing and regulating the state’s industry.

In 1983, RLD was created and in that enabling statute, CID was created as a division of RLD. The Division was established as part of RLD in 1983 and today licenses contractors in many different license classifications.

The Construction Industries and Manufactured Housing Division protects consumers by regulating the industry through policies that promote business growth, safety, and general welfare of the public. The Division strives to provide excellent customer service, every time, while:

  • Ensuring that construction is performed in a safe, competent, and professional manner;
  • Licensing contractors and enforcing licensing laws;
  • Requiring licensure for any person practicing or offering to practice construction contracting;
  • Enforcing the laws, regulations, and standards governing construction contracting in a fair and uniform manner;
  • Providing resolution to disputes that arise from construction activities

If you have any questions, or have a concerns, email or call the Division.  Your concern will be addressed promptly, and you will be informed of the Division’s findings and actions.

Online Permits


Properly qualified contractors can apply for Electrical and Mechanical permits which do not require plan review or for which plan review has already been completed. Properly qualified contractors can also apply for LP Gas permits and MHD Setup and Conversion permits.

Search for the permit address before adding an address to the database. The physical address is required for the jobsite address. If jobsite address is not found, enter it using a single space between each field (no commas) and the following conventions: [example: 100 STREETNAME RD NW].

To request a Permit via fax please submit the appropriate Permit Request form to one of our three field offices.

New Login Procedure

To increase security there has been a change to the login procedure. If your current login does not work click on the following to view: Login Instructions

To look up a permit

Choose Look Up A Permit I’ve Already Applied For, and select the criteria you want to search for (Type of Permit, Date, Address, etc.). You can access your permit number by entering % (wildcard) and the last four digits of your permit number, for example, %1234. A wildcard (%) search can be used in any of the fields.

Electrical and Mechanical permits can be faxed into any of the field offices after you have established a Pre-paid Permit Fee Account. To set up this account, send a check for an amount that you would like to have available to draw permits from to one of the field offices. This can be replenished as often as you desire. For questions regarding this system please contact one of the field offices or by calling 505-476-4700

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