MHD License Renewal



Effective December 15, 2023, the processing of all MHD renewals and other licensing paperwork (status changes, new dealer/broker applications, etc.) will be transferred to PSI.

Permitting and inspections will continue to be handled by the RLD.


All Manufactured Housing Division licenses are due for renewal annually during its anniversary month. A renewal notice will be sent to each current licensee at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of the license. The licensee is responsible to renew on time and inform the division with any changes to their address. All renewal notices will be mailed to the last known address on file with the division. Failure to receive the renewal notice shall not relieve the licensee of the responsibility of renewing his license before the expiration date. The division shall allow a 30-day grace period after a license has expired for a licensee to renew without penalty. After the 30-day grace period the licensee must pay a late renewal fee equal to one dollar ($1.00) for each day, up to thirty days, that has elapsed since the 30-day grace period and thereafter for a fee equal to twice the amount of the annual license fee. If a license is expired for one-year following the expiration date the license shall be cancelled and the licensee must re-apply for licensure, which includes taking.

Continuing Education Requirements for Installers and Repairmen

In order to qualify for annual renewal of an installer or repairman license, the licensee must provide evidence of completing 3 hours of division approved continuing education.

The continuing education requirements can be fulfilled by one of three options:

  • Continuing Education examination is offered at Manufactured Housing Division. This MUST be taken in person at one of our three field offices. Please call to schedule to take the test: Albuquerque (505-365-3429), Santa Fe (505-476-4770) and Las Cruces (575-524-6320 Ext. 107)). Applicants MUST score 70 percent or higher to pass this exam. The exam fee is $50. Applicants who have failed the exam the first time and want to retake it are required to pay $50 fee for each attempt.
  • Manufactured Housing Institute: or 7003-558-0653. The exam is $425.00.
Bonding Requirements: Dealers, Brokers, Salespersons, Manufacturers, Repairmen and Installers.

The division, with the approval of the committee, may by regulation require each dealer, broker, salesperson, manufacturer, repairman and installer to furnish and maintain with the division a consumer protection bond underwritten by a corporate surety authorized to transact business in New Mexico, in a sum to be determined by regulation and in such form, and with either unit or blanket coverage, as required by regulation, to be conditioned upon the dealer, broker, salesperson, manufacturer, repairman or installer complying with the provisions of the Manufactured Housing Act [60-14-1 NMSA 1978] and any other law applying to the licensee, and also as indemnity for any loss sustained by any person damaged. Each renewal period the licensee is required to turn proof that they are maintain a current bond that coincides with their renewal month.

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