MHD Licensing

Manufactured Housing: CID Crossover Contractors

Effective December 15, 2023, the processing of all MHD renewals and other licensing paperwork (status changes, new dealer/broker applications, etc.) will be transferred to PSI.

Permitting and inspections will continue to be handled by the RLD. Click HERE to learn more.


60-14-7. License required; classification; examination.

No person shall engage in business as a manufacturer, dealer, broker, repairman, installer or salesperson unless licensed as provided in the Manufactured Housing Act or the Construction Industries Licensing Act [Chapter 60, Article 13 NMSA 1978].

The committee shall adopt regulations creating a system of license classifications covering the occupations of dealer, broker, manufacturer, repairman, installer and salesperson and providing for the qualifications and examination for each class of license.

No person shall import for sale or exchange, or engage in the business of selling, leasing or exchanging or offering for sale, lease or exchange, any manufactured home manufactured by any person who is not licensed as a manufacturer under the Manufactured Housing Act.

Please contact licensing for more information: 505-365-3429 or

MHD Forms and Applications

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