Installation and Foundation Permits

Homeowners who want to set up their own manufactured home and or install a foundation are required to fill out homeowners acknowlegdement, and test for each before being issued a permit to set up their own manufactured home. Each test is $50 and take about 2 hours to take. please call office to schedule exams.

Permits can be filled out online or at any of our field offices: Albuquerque (505-222-9870), Santa Fe (505-476-4614), and Las Cruces (575-270-2437).


Deactivating a Title to Classify as Real Property

If you need to obtain records of a Manufactured Homes that passed inspection for a foundation you will want to first complete an IPRA request to see if the record is available. If there is no record from IPRA the following steps will need to be completed to pull a permit to have your existing foundation inspected.

IPRA Request:

Homeowner will need to contact a NM Structural Engineer to obtain an engineer foundation report. The engineer report will need to be turned in with Permit Application, Homeowner’s Responsibility Form, and proof that you are the homeowner of the Manufactured House. Documents that we may use as proof of ownership is the contractor or deed. Please do not provide the title to the home. The fee to pull a permit for a Foundation Permit is $65. The check or money order must be made out to Manufactured Housing Division for processing.

Please be sure to provide your email address on the permit application. This is how you will be notified upon approval of your permit once it clears plan review. If you receiving assistance from a real estate agency, do not utilize the agents email as your email address, you may only use their email as an alternative contact.

Once your permit is approved you will find information on the bottom of your permit to schedule an inspection. You may either send an email to or contact 505-222-9813 or 877-243-0979.

When your inspection has cleared you will then need to reach out to the County Assessor and Motor Vehicle Division to complete the process. The County Assessor will require all taxes to be paid in full, please be sure to reach out to your County Treasurer to be sure all fees are paid for the current calendar tax amount. Once you have obtained a MH Tax Release from the County Assessor’s Office, you will need to complete a “Request to Change Valuation” and have it signed by the County Assessor’s Office. [Borrower(s) listed on the MH title must be the borrower(s) on the complete form.]

When you go to the Mother Vehicle Division be sure to take the original NM Title, MH Tax release, and request to Change Valuation. MVD will be the one to issue the deactivated title. If there is no title, MVD will have to create a title.

Deactivating a Title to Classify as Real Property

Structural or Repair Permits:

Homeowner’s may submit a permit application without testing for structural or repair permits. Please contact our office to find out what documents you will need to submit. A permit application and homeowner’s acknowledgment must be turned in for any permit submitted by a homeowner.

Contact Us As:

Manufactured Housing Division
Regulation and Licensing Department
5500 San Antonio Dr. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109


(505) 222-9870 Office

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