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Manufactured Housing Committee

Committee Meetings

Agenda–Regular Meeting

Date and Time: Friday, April 12, 2024, at 9:30 a.m.

Location: Regulation and Licensing Building, 5500 San Antonio Dr NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Attendance By: IN PERSON

If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of auxiliary aid or service to participate in a hearing or meeting, please contact the Manufactured Housing Division at (505) 365-3429 at least two weeks prior to the hearing or meeting.

Meeting notice 

 Meeting agenda

Committee Members

The Manufactured Housing Division is represented by the Manufactured Housing Committee. The committee meets bi-monthly at the call of the Chairperson and the committee has, according to the Act, the power to approve or disapprove of rules, policies, regulations or codes that may affect the Rules and Regulations, or the consumer. This is in accordance with the Manufactured Housing Act.


The Division must bring unto the Committee any decision to revoke or suspend a license or licensee, or, if there is cause, to attach the bond of a licensee. The bond attachment is a process of which the consumer protection bond of a license is paid out to a person who was a victim of fraud, negligence, or in cases where the licensee worked in violation of the Manufactured Housing Act.


The committee members represent different areas of the industry including representatives of dealers, brokers, manufacturers, installers, and homeowners.


Scott Christensen            (Chairman)

Mike Bustamante            (Vice Chairman)

Kandice Cochrane           (Member)

Vance McMillan              (Member)

Andrea Serna-Probst     (Member)

Vincent Smith                  (Member)


There are no upcoming events at this time.
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