Alcoholic Beverage Delivery

Alcoholic Beverage Delivery:
Permit or Third Party License

Effective July 1, 2021, New Mexico State Statute now allows for current Retailer, Dispenser, Restaurant, Craft Distiller, Small Brewer and Winegrower Licensees to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages.  Requirements:

      • Purchase must be made at the Establishment and delivery must be made within the normal, authorized business hours.
      • To be delivered by an employee, 21 years of ages or older, that holds a current Server Permit and valid Driver’s License.
      • A Third-Party Delivery Service may also be used.
      • Restaurant Licensees must meet the $10.00 minimum food purchase with alcoholic beverage.

NOTE: You will use the same application form for initial Licensing and Annual Renewal of the License or Permit, with Application and instruction included below:

ABC Alcohol Delivery License by Third-Party Application 3.2024
ABC Alcohol Delivery Permit -Dispenser, Retailer, CD, SB, WG Application 3.2024
ABC Alcohol Delivery Permit -Inter-Local Dispenser License Application 3.2024
ABC Alcohol Delivery Permit -Restaurant License Application 2.2024

For assistance or questions, contact a Hearing Officer by Email:

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