Filing a Complaint or Protest

To File a Complaint:

The primary responsibility of this Division is to protect the health, safety and welfare of all New Mexicans and those visiting our State, while regulating sale, service and public consumption of alcohol and the sale and service of tobacco and tobacco products to adults, over the age of 21.

The Regulation and Licensing Department Alcoholic Beverage Control Division takes seriously every complaint alleging potential violations of liquor laws and works closely with the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety, to enforce the provisions of the Liquor Control Act and the Tobacco Products Act.  Violations of the Act by license holders can result in fines and/or suspension of the license.  Three violations within a 12-month period can result in revocation of a liquor license.

We welcome public comments, either positive or negative, regarding liquor license holders and their employees.  Protecting the people of New Mexico from the often tragic effects of underage drinking, DWI and alcohol abuse or the sale of tobacco/tobacco products to underage customer requires the active support of all our citizens.  Please help us by reporting when you observe a licensed establishment or its employees violating state law or failing in their obligations to the community.

In filing a complaint, it is important that you provide us with as much information as possible, so that SIU investigators will be able to pursue your complaint.

The Division will only disclose the identities and contact information received with a Complaint to the Department of Public Safety’s law enforcement personnel.  Otherwise, the identity and contact information of a person filing a Complaint is confidential, and is not subject to the Inspection of Public Records Act pursuant to NMSA 1978, Section 14-2-1(A)(4).

No Fee to file a Complaint.  Simply, click on Complaint form below, fill out the document and then submit it to ABC by email to, fax or mail.

Complaint Form

Max. file size: 512 MB.

In Protest or Support of a Liquor License Application:

We welcome Public Comments, either positive or negative, regarding liquor license applications. If you feel the approval of a specific liquor license would endanger or adversely affect your community, please provide all issues of concern.  If you are in support of issuing the liquor license, feel free to comment as well.

We value your opinion, but submission of your Comments must be timely.  ABC has a 30 day timeframe to hold a Public Hearing for each application.  The public is notified of the date, time and applicant information by legal advertisement in the local newspaper.  The public is also provided another opportunity to be heard at the public hearing held at the Local Option District and that hearing is also published in the local newspaper of the date and time.

No Fee to file Public Comments.  Simply, click on Public Comment form below, fill out the document and then submit it to ABC by email to, fax or mail.

Public Comment Form

Max. file size: 512 MB.
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