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1. An Applicant who IS NOT a Sole Proprietor is required to submit information regarding a New Mexico resident, who is not a felon, to act on behalf of the company and accept service of process for all purposes relating to the sales and service of the alcoholic beverages, including orders and notices of the Director and/or the Division.
– One or more Agents can be assigned. When replacing or terminating an Agent, all entities must file a new Resident Agent Application with 10 days of the change.

2. The Resident Agent form must be completed, signed, and notarized in two places.
First Section – Appointment Section
Top of page: is to be completed and signed by an officer, director or a shareholder, holding a 10% interest or more, who has been fingerprint qualified. This signature must be notarized. In this section, the applicant will list the name of the chosen Resident Agent.

Second Section – Acceptance Section
Bottom of page: must be completed and signed by the individual who has been designated as the Resident Agent by the Applicant. The signature of the Resident Agent must also be notarized.

3. The individual designated as Resident Agent must complete a Personal Data Affidavit Form (Page 6).

4. Each Resident Agent MUST BE: Fingerprinted; Hold a current Servers Certification Permit, attach a copy to application; an individual, at least 21 years of age, and at time of application a Resident of the State of New Mexico and remain a resident of New Mexico; Cannot have been convicted of a felony or of two misdemeanor violations of the Liquor Control Act in any calendar year.

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