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Licensee Search and Verification

Search for a Licensed Professional
Search for a Licensed Facility

For Licensee Searches concerning Endowed Care Cemeteries or Small Loans, please click here to search for the Licensed Facility

Search for licensees related to the Construction Industry
Search for licensees related to Financial Institutions

For Licensee Searches concerning Banks, Independent Trust Companies, or Credit Unions, please click the arrow to the right to search for the specified industry.  For Licensee Searches concerning Small Loan Companies/Branches or Endowed Care Cemeteries, please click the “Search for a Licensed Facility” above.  For all other Financial Institution Licensee Searches, please use the NMLS Consumer Access button below.

For Licensee Searches concerning Mortgage Loan Companies, Mortgage Loan Company Branches or Mortgage Loan Originators, Collection Agencies, Collection Agency Branch(es), Collection Agency Manager, Repossession Companies, Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Companies, and Money Service Businesses, please click on the link for the NMLS Consumer Access please click on the link to the NMLS Consumer Access:

New Mexico Licensing System Consumer Access logo
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) – Public Consumer Access

Other Online Services

MyLicense (online renewals and address changes)
PSI's Electronic Services Portal for New Mexico Contractor Licensing
NMLS Consumer Access
CID-MHD Citizen Access
Constructions Industries Division – Online Inspection Request
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