Family smiling and laughingYou can protect yourself and your financial assets from investment scams and frauds by educating yourself about the risks associated with different kinds of investment opportunities and by staying alert to potential pitfalls.

Specifically, you can often avoid the risks of falling prey to fraudulent schemes and making inappropriate investments by:

  • Being aware of the tactics that scam or fraud artists use and taking precautions against becoming a victim
  • Recognizing the characteristics of especially risky or potentially fraudulent investments
  • Investigating and verifying all information that is provided to you
  • Knowing the remedies available to you, and what agencies to turn to, if you become aware of fraud or other questionable investment practices


Regardless of whether you are just beginning to explore the “world of investing” or if you are just fine-tuning your asset allocation, informative and noncommercial resources are available here as you pursue your financial goals.

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