Applications & Poster

The NM RLD Tobacco Licensing Applications are listed below:

Tobacco & Tobacco Products License Application
Tobacco Resident Agent Application

The Tobacco License is allowed to Transfer to a new location within the same Local Option District, submit the Application below:

Tobacco License TRANSFER of LOCATION Application

If the Name of the business has changed or if there is a change of Officers, or ownership less than 10%, submit the following Application:
(NOTE: A Transfer of 10% or more in interest or shares requires a NEW License Application.)

Tobacco License NOTICE of CHANGE Application

Licensee may provide their own Poster, pursuant to New Mexico §61-37-17 or you may use the one provided below:


For questions or concerns please Email

We have been receiving many inquiries regarding some of the supporting documents required for the new Tobacco Products Act.

ALL APPLICANTS:  Zoning Statement required from the local government:

  • If this is not available at the time of application, it will need to be submitted prior to getting license renewed.
  • Application for NEW locations that were not selling tobacco products as of January 1, 2020, will need to submit the zoning statement prior to a license being issued.

TAX CLEARANCE FOR MANUFACTURERS and DISTRIBUTORS ONLY:  The Taxation and Revenue Department issues a Letter of Good Standing. Businesses that file online can also generate this letter online (called a Compliance Letter in the TAP system). The ABC Director will accept this unsigned copy.  Note: The Letter will not be generated if the business is not in compliance.

  • Retail license applicants DO NOT need to provide this letter.
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