Common Carrier, Direct Shipper, Non-Resident License

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Common Carrier

Every common carrier transporting alcoholic beverages into and for delivery within the state shall register.

Common Carrier Application

Contact Desiray Quintana |  (505)  

Direct Wine Shipper

Applicant must have a current New Mexico Winegrower’s License or licensed in another State to ship not more than two nine-liter cases of wine monthly to a New Mexico Resident, twenty one years of age or over, for personal consumption and not for resale.

As of November 21, 2023, ABC is no longer requiring proof of Registration with the New Mexico Secretary of State for a Direct Ship License.

Direct Wine Shipper Application


You must be licensed to sell directly or indirectly, or offer for sale for shipment into the State of New Mexico or ship into the State, any alcoholic beverages.

Non-Resident Application

Contact Trinidad Alderete | (505) 476-4543 |

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