Important Contacts

Clay Bailey

Director - Construction Industries Division

Eliza Casados

Executive Assistant to the Director

Sally Galanter

CID/MHD Legal Council

Martin Romero

General Construction Bureau Chief, CBO

Contact Martin:
Office (505) 476-4672
Cell – Phone:

JT Baca

Mechanical & Plumbing Bureau Chief

Tamara Kuykendall

LP Gas Bureau Chief

Joseph Martinez

Electrical Bureau Chief

Mary James

Front Office Supervisor

Rick Lucero

Plans and Permitting Manager

Katherine Torres Swick

CID/MHD Licensing Manager

Clay Bailey

Acting Director - Manufactured Housing Division

Jesus O. Carrasco

Manufactured Housing Division Administrator

Kimberly Salazar

Las Cruces Office Customer Service Rep. Supervisor

Aaron Aragon

MHD Licensing Manager

Leigh Anne Chavez

Recycled Metals Prosecutor

Kennon Freamon

Recycled Metals Compliance Officer

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