Dear Licensees,

The Division is aware of the issues regarding assistance from BioTrack with the traceability program. While we work to resolve these issues with the vendor, we are providing you with the following guidance to ensure you get routed correctly when calling or emailing about the product.

BioTrack HELPDESK contact information:

There are TWO METHODS of contacting BioTrack

The mainline that receives all calls in 800-797-4711
When using this number be sure to tell them you need assistance with TRACEABILITY. Also be specific about what you are experiencing and have all your login information at your fingertips.

Traceability Support email:

This email address is specific to the traceability program but to ensure the is no mistake you will want to put TRACEABILITY HELP in your subject line. Again, be specific about the issue you are experiencing and provide screen grabs of the specific problems as attachments to the email.


BioTrack will be providing licensees additional training in the coming weeks. No dates are set yet. Please look for an email from BioTrack to sign-up for the live or in-person events. They will also be updating the training documents for New Mexico to reflect the transition to adult use.

CLARIFICATION regarding the BioTrack point-of-sale system:

CCD only requires BioTrack for the traceability system. WE DO NOT REQUIRE BIOTRACK FOR YOUR POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM. The CCD does not regulate third party vendors for point of sale. That is a contract between your business and the vendor. The confusion between the BioTrack commercial product (point of sale) and the BioTrack traceability product has caused confusion and we are working with the vendor to make a clear distinction between the two systems.

If you have questions about this guidance, please contact the CCD at

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