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General Information

In April 2021, the New Mexico Legislature passed the Cannabis Regulation Act (HB 2). The Act legalized the cultivation, manufacture, purchase, possession, and consumption of adult use cannabis for adults 21 and older. Even though cannabis became legal on June 29, 2021, how a consumer buys it, how much they can have at one time, and where they can use it are still restricted by the law.

Cannabis businesses in New Mexico must be licensed by the Cannabis Control Division and be registered with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department for a Cannabis Excise Tax account.

It remains illegal to cultivate for non-personal use, manufacture, or sell cannabis without a license. To apply for a license, please understand the laws and regulations for commercial cannabis and apply for a license:  CCD Licensing.


The Cannabis Regulation Act combined the regulation of both adult-use and medical cannabis into one commercial cannabis framework, administered by the Cannabis Control Division. The Department of Health continues to oversee the medical cannabis patient program.


The New Mexico Commercial Cannabis Program is governed by Cannabis Regulation Act, 26-2C NMSA 1978

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