About the CCD

The Cannabis Control Division strives to ensure the public’s health and safety is protected as New Mexico adopts a new industry based on legalizing cannabis possession and adult-use sales. It is the objective of the division to provide quality customer service, to serve as a resource for local governments and the public, and to thoroughly investigate allegations of misconduct and swiftly act on incidences found to be out of compliance with state laws and division rules.

To meet these objectives it is the goal of the division to streamline the application process to make it easily understood and user friendly. This includes:

• Responding to questions and concerns in a professional and timely manner

• Maintaining a website that informs and educates the public and provides a licensing platform for applicants

• Assisting applicants through the licensing process

• Creating opportunities for social equity applicants

• Educating current licensees to ensure they remain in compliance with state laws and CCD rules

• Educating applicants, licensees, and the public about cannabis and the laws pertaining to legalized cannabis in New Mexico

• Serving as a resource for local governments with regard to licensing cannabis establishments and adopting ordinances to ensure cannabis laws are properly applied

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