Social Work Examiners FAQs

Social Work Examiners: FAQs

What are the requirements to obtain a social worker's license in New Mexico?
  • Graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work from an accredited college or university.
  • Pass a board-approve exam
  • Pass the Jurisprudence exam with a grade of no less than 70 percent.
  • Verification of meeting the New Mexico Cultural requirements.
  • For Independent practice you must submit 2 years and 3600 hours of supervised practice.
How long is a provisional license valid?
  • A provisional license is valid for one year from the date of issue.
May I be issued more than one provisional license?
  • No. You may only be issued one provisional license per level of licensure.
Can a provisional license be extended?
  • Only in certain extenuating circumstances, such as serious, physician-verified illness or death in the immediate family, and military service.
  • The extenuating circumstances must be presented in writing for the Board Administrator’s consideration on a case by case basis.
  • The extended provisional license will not exceed four months under any circumstances.
What are the supervision and postgraduate experience requirements that need to be met to become a licensed independent social worker?
  • Complete a minimum of 3,600 hours of post graduate social work experience and 90 hours of supervision which has been accumulated over no more than a 60-month period and cannot be completed in less than two years.
  • At least one hour of supervision must be documented for every 40 hours worked.
How do I document the supervision and post graduate social work experience hours?
  • The supervisor(s) must fill out the appropriate form and submit directly to the Board Office.
  • This information is listed on pages 5 and 6 of the Application for Licensure.
  • A separate form should be submitted by each supervisor
When does my LISW (licensed independent social worker) turn into the new LCSW (licensed clinical social worker)?
  • All currently licensed LISW’s will be converted to the new title upon renewal of the current license.
If I am not currently licensed will I receive an LISW or an LCSW?
  • All licensees licensed at that level after November 1, 2014 will be issued the LCSW.
Can I get approval from the board to take the ASWB exam before I send in my application?
  • NO. All approvals are done once the board has received a completed application.
Can I take the ASWB Clinical exam before I complete my 3600 hours of supervision?
  • NO. The application including the verifications of supervision must be completed before you can get approval to take the exam.
How do I schedule my exam?
Do I need to be licensed at the LMSW level prior to starting my supervision?
  • YES! You will need to have obtained and be licensed at the LMSW level prior to starting your supervision.
When does my permanent license expire?

All permanent licenses will expire on July 1st. Please refer to your licenses for the expiration year, or verify the license online at

How do I update my contact information with the licensing board?
  • All changes to address, phone number, and email address and name must be done in writing. You can send an email to or mail the request to P.O. Box 25101 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504. Please note, if you are making changes to your name, you must also submit documentation of the legal name change.
After updating my name will I automatically get a new license?
  • NO. At the time you submit the name change request and supporting documentation you also need to submit the request for a duplicate license. The current duplicate license fee is $25.00
How can I or my employer verify my license?
  • All licenses can be verified for free online at . Click on the Board and Commissions option, and then click on the look up a license option on the left hand side.
I applied for a license in another state and they are requesting an official verification. How do I obtain official license verification?
  • You will need to submit a written request and a $15.00 fee to the board office. Please be sure to include your license number, state that the verification needs to be sent to and the mailing address.
I hold a Social Work license in another state and am interest in getting my license in New Mexico. What do I need to do?
  • The New Mexico Board of Social Work Examiners will refer to this process as reciprocity. The first question we will ask is how long have you been licensed in another state? If the answer is 5 or more years, is current and in good standing. You will qualify for reciprocity! Please submit your application, fee, 2X2 photo, jurisprudence exam, scores from ASWB and a verification of your license from each state where you have or currently held a social work license. You DO NOT need to submit verification of supervision. For additional questions please refer to 16.63.6 NMAC of the New Mexico Rules and Regulations.
Does my supervisor need to be approved by the board?
  • For all LMSW licensees that receive a license after May 1, 2015 and are wishing to obtain supervision for the purposes of obtaining their LCSW, the answer is YES!. If you are an LMSW and were licensed prior to May 1, 2015 you do not need to have a board approved supervisor for supervision hours accrued before May 1, 2015. Please be sure to refer to the definition of appropriate supervision found in 16.63.1 NMAC for any updates or changes.
Do I need to keep my LMSW active while I have my provisional LCSW?
  • The board strongly recommends that you continue to renew your LMSW license until you have taken and passed the Clinical Exam.
How many CEU’s do I need to renew my license?
  • You need a total of 30 CEU’s you will need to obtain 6 CEU’s in the area of cultural competency. Out of the 30 CEU’s, 20 CEU’s will need to be board approved, you are allowed a total of 10 non board approved CEU’s as long as they are still in the profession of Social Work.
Which CEU’s are considered Board Approved?
  • The Board accepts all CEU’s approved by NASW, ASWB, NBCC, NM Counseling and Therapy Board, and the New Mexico Psychology Board.
How do I become a continuing education provider?
  • Please see the list (above) of approved providers. You can contact any of those providers to obtain CEU approval.
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