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Real Estate Commission: Apply for a License

The New Mexico real estate commission issues two types of real estate broker’s licenses; an associate broker’s license and a qualifying broker’s license. Both types of licenses are issued only to individuals. The requirements for obtaining both types of licenses are described below.

Examination and Licensing Requirements: In General
A person not licensed to practice real estate in New Mexico must pass the real estate broker’s examination as prescribed by the NM Real Estate Commission.

Reciprocity — This requirement does not apply to licensed applicants from the three states with which New Mexico has a written license recognition agreement (i.e. reciprocity). Those states are: Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Georgia. If you are such a candidate, please contact

Applications to take the broker’s examination are made directly to the commission’s examination contractor. Along with the application form, an applicant must submit certificates of completion of commission-approved 30-hour prelicensing courses in real estate principles and practice, real estate law, and broker basics, equaling 90 prelicensure education hours. These prelicensing courses must have been completed within the three years prior to application to take the broker’s examination.

Prelicensure Education Waiver – Examination candidates currently licensed as real estate salespersons or brokers in other states or jurisdictions are eligible to apply for a waiver of 60 of the 90 hours of prelicensure education if they can provide a certified license history from their resident licensing jurisdiction documenting that they have completed Real Estate Principals and Practice and Real Estate Law or their equivalent. The waiver would also exempt an applicant meeting these criteria from taking the national broker exam. That applicant would still be required to take a 30-hour Broker Basics Course, and take the state portion of the broker examination. Click the following link to access the Waiver Fact Sheet

QB Equivalency – Managing brokers, designated brokers or similar brokerage-in-charge brokers may be considered equivalency applicants for Qualifying Broker licensing purposes. While they are subject to prelicensure waiver provisions, they would also be required to take an additional statutorily required Qualifying Broker prelicensure course, the Brokerage Office Administration course.

Examination Minimum Score — Applicants are required to pass both the state and national portions of the examination with a minimum score of 75 no later than 90 calendar days after the first time they took the examination.  Applicants failing to pass both portions of the examination within this time frame will be required to retake and pass both portions of the examination before being eligible to apply for a broker’s license.

Application Deadline Following Passing Score — An individual who fails to apply for a broker’s license within six months of having passed both or applicable portions of the broker’s examination shall be required to retake both or the applicable portions of the examinations after 180 days of notification of the passing score(s), unless they can provide in writing to the commission a reasonable explanation why they were unable to meet the six month deadline.

Legal Residency – An applicant shall be a legal resident of the United States and have reached the age of majority.

Submission of License Application, Fingerprinting and Fees – Along with the license application form prescribed by the commission, the applicant must submit a written score report provided by the examination contractor documenting that applicant has passed both portions of the examination with a minimum score of 75, documentation of having been fingerprinted for purposes of matching with state and national arrest record databases, a certificate of insurance documenting that the applicant has a current errors and omissions insurance policy that meets the requirements for such insurance as described in 16.61.5 NMAC of the commission rules, and a nonrefundable license application fee not to exceed $270.

Upgrading an Existing NM Associate Broker License to a Qualifying Broker Level License. NM License Law and the Rules of the New Mexico Real Estate Commission state that in order for to qualify for an upgrade to a Qualifying Broker level license from the entry level Associate Broker level license:

    • Non-Supervisory Level: to apply for a non-supervisory Qualifying Broker level license that allows them to establish a brokerage and operate without subordinate Associate Brokers, the licensee must have achieved at least two years of continuous ACTIVE licensure.
    • Supervisory Level: to apply for a Qualifying Broker level license that would allow the broker to establish a brokerage and operate with subordinate Associate Brokers must have at least 4 years continuous ACTIVE licensure as a NM Associate Broker prior to application.

Those who meet these prerequisites must also meet the following criteria as well:

      1. If they were originally licensed prior to 2006 as a salesperson license and were grandfathered into the Associate Broker level, that licensee must take the 30-classroom-hour Broker Basics course, and following that, must pass the NM Broker Examination. (Taking the Broker Basics course would yield the licensee 10 CEUs for continuing education purposes.)
      2. The candidate must take the 30-classroom-hour Brokerage Office Administration course. (Taking the Brokerage Office Administration course would yield the licensee 10 CEUs for continuing education purposes.)
      3. The candidate must take Understanding and Using NMAR Forms (8 hour) course.
      4. The candidate must attend a NM Real Estate Commission meeting.
      5. The candidate must submit a record of transactions equaling 100 points (points per transactions as detailed in the Rules of the Real Estate Commission). Transactions may include sales transactions, lease transactions, or a combination thereof. A Transactional Experience spreadsheet is available on the Forms and Applications Tab of this web page.
      6. The candidate must then submit an Application for the Qualifying Broker to include all of the above information, including fingerprinting, E and O Insurance information, and the applicant must RETURN THEIR CURRENT WALL LICENSE WITH THE APPLICATION. The application must clearly state if the applicant intends to operate as a Qualifying Broker in a separate Trade Name/ Brokerage, work as the actual Qualifying Broker for their current brokerage, or continue to operate as an Associate Broker under another Qualifying Broker.

Finger Prints are still required for all NEW applications including License Upgrades but not for the renewal of existing licenses.


Contact regarding fingerprints. Livescan Cogent Fingerprint Locations (Click on Fingerprint Location Map on the Cogent website for details).  Click here also for locations

Scan system of licensee fingerprinting and no longer accepts hardcopy fingerprint cards unless you are a broker who resides outside the State of New Mexico. New Mexico brokers use the Live Scan digital fingerprinting system. Out of state brokers use hardcopy fingerprint cards. The fingerprint cards included in renewal packets are for out of state brokers.

Prior to being fingerprinted at one of the approved Live Scan sites (statewide site list attached), licensees are required to register on the vendor web site at  Licensees need the New Mexico Real Estate Commission identifier number, which is NM920263Z,  to register. Licensees may also register by phone at 1-877-996-6277.

Licensees may pay the $44.00 fingerprint processing fee on line on the website using a credit or debit card at the time of registration, or pay the fee by money order or cashier’s check at the Live Scan site at the time of fingerprinting. No cash or personal checks are accepted.

Because the fingerprints are being transmitted electronically, licensees using the Live Scan system no longer have to mail hardcopy fingerprint cards to DPS.  However, licensees should ask the Live Scan vendor to complete the Fingerprint Certification Form that is enclosed in the application and renewal packets as licensees will need to submit that form to the Commission along with their application or renewal form. The registration receipt provided by Cogent at the time of online registration is also an acceptable form of documentation to submit with licensure paperwork.

Licensees outside New Mexico who do not have access to an approved Live Scan vendor may submit hardcopy fingerprint cards and payment to 3M Cogent at the following address:

Gemalto Cogent, APS Department #165

2964 Bradley Street

Pasadena, California 91107

Please do not hesitate to contact a Real Estate Commission Investigator at (505) 222-9881 if you have any questions.

Livescan Cogent Fingerprint Locations (Click on Fingerprint Location Map on the Cogent website for details).  Click here also for locations

IMPORTANT: NEW LICENSING PORTAL – Applications Beginning January 2022


The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department and State of New Mexico has implemented  a new online automated licensing system. This investment will simplify the licensing process, making it easier for applicants and licensees to apply for and renew licenses in New Mexico, eliminating paper forms, money orders, and cut down on staff time required to process, review, approve and renew licensees.

APPLICATIONS for initial licensure must be submitted through the new portal once it goes live, which is expected on January 3, 2022, at which time a link to the new portal and instructions to use it will be added below on this page. If you are planning to submit a paper application for licensure please consider waiting to apply through the new portal, which will expedited the licensing process.

Click here to apply

Please only click here if you do not have a license with this board.

If you already have a license with this board please use the unique link e-mailed to you for logging into our new system. If you did not receive a separate email with a unique link to register for the first time, please email to connect with our development team for assistance.

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