Podiatry: FAQs

How I often do I need to renew my license?

All licenses must be renewed on or before January 1 of each year. Late fee is $50.00 per month

What are the continuing medical education requirements Goes Here
  • Hours Required:  Fourteen (16) hours of continuing education are required annually, with 2 related specifically to pain management, or twenty-eight (28) hours bi-annually.  Initial licenses issued for a period of less than six months do not require any continuing education for the initial licensing period.  Licenses issued for more than six months but less than twelve months require eight hours of continuing education for the initial licensing period.
  • Continuing education coursework must contribute directly to the practice of podiatric medicine.
  • One hour of credit will be granted for every contact hour of instruction.  This credit shall apply to either academic or clinical instruction.
  • Approved Courses:  Continuing education courses offered or sponsored by the following organizations are automatically approved by the board:
  • a college of podiatric medicine which is accredited by the “CPME” of the American podiatric medical association;
  • constituent society of the American podiatric medical association;
  • an organization or sponsor approved by the “CPME” of the American podiatric medical association; or
  • hospital sponsored in-service programs related to the practice of podiatry.
What are the requirements for releasing of Medical Records?
  • Podiatrists must provide complete copies of medical records to a patient or to another podiatrist in a timely manner when legally requested to do so by the patient or by a legally designated representative of the patient.  This should occur with a minimum of disruption in the continuity and quality of medical care being provided to the patient.  If the medical records are the property of a separate and independent organization, the podiatrist should act as the patient’s advocate and work to facilitate the patient’s request for records.
    • Medical records may not be withheld because an account is overdue or a bill for treatment, medical records, or other services is owed.
    • A reasonable cost-based charge may be made for the cost of duplicating and mailing medical records.  A reasonable charge is $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages, and $0.10 per page thereafter. Patients may be charged the actual cost of reproduction for electronic records and record formats other than paper, such as x-rays.  The board will review the reasonable charge periodically. Podiatrists charging for the cost of reproduction of medical records shall give consideration to the ethical and professional duties owed to other podiatrists and their patients.
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