Occupational Therapy FAQs

Occupational Therapy: FAQs

Q: How long does the application process take?

Once your application file is complete, a license number will be issued within 2-5 business days.

Q: How often does the Board meet?

The Board meets approximately four times per year.

Q: How soon can I receive a provisional permit?

A provisional permit may be issued within 2-5 business days of the necessary forms, fees, and documents being filed.

Q: I need to receive licensure in another state, how soon can you send the verification?

The verification will be sent to the other state within 2-5 business days of receipt of your written request and $20 verification fee.

Q: I am licensed in another state; can I receive a provisional permit?

No. You can receive a provisional permit ONLY if you have not received certification by NBCOT.

Q: Can I receive a provisional permit without employment?

No. You must have a supervisory form on file with the Board office before a provisional permit is issued, which requires a supervisor’s signature and place of employment.

Q: I need to have NBCOT send verification of my certification to your state. How do I do that?

You can contact them at www.nbcot.org.

Q: Do you have reciprocity with other states?

No. We require verification of your certification from NBCOT regardless of where you are licensed.

Q: I want to be a member of the Board. What is the process?

You can send in a copy of your resume along with a cover letter stating your desire to become a board member to the Board office. We will send it to the appropriate personnel in the governor’s office.

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