Massage Therapy: FAQs

Q: How can I get a veriffication of licensure in New Mexico sent to another state?

To request a verification be sent to another sate you will need to submit a written request and Check or Money Order in the amount of $15.00. The request must include your name, license number, and the address where you would like us to send the verification. Please mail the request to:


Massage Therapy Board


P.O. Box 25101


Santa Fe, NM 87504

Q: What are the minimum educational requirements to obtain a massage therapy license in New Mexico? (16.7.4 NMAC)
  • Massage Therapy Certificate
  • Minimum 650 hours of massage therapy training to include:
    1. 165 hours of Anatomy and Physiology (including Kinesiology and 40 hours of Pathology)
    2. 150 hours of Massage Therapy instruction (including Contraindications)
    3. 75 hours of General Instruction (to include 8 hours of Hydrotherapy, 20 hours of Business, 30 hours of Professional Ethics, a minimum of 4 hours of First Aid, and a minimum of 4 hours of CPR).
    Q: Do you accept massage therapy education obtained outside of New Mexico? ( A NMAC)

    Yes, from an accredited institution or college. The school should send a completed Form A along with your official transcripts.

    Q: What are the requirements for and how do I obtain a temporary massage therapy license? ( NMAC)

    Meet the Board’s minimum education requirements; complete the massage therapist application; and pay temporary license and other fees. The temporary license is issued for a period of three months and cannot be extended. The applicant for temporary license must not have previously sat for any national certification examination for therapeutic massage and bodywork.

    Q: What examinations are required for licensure? ( NMAC)

    New Mexico requires a national examination, either the NCE/NCETMB, offered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or the MBLEx, offered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.


    You must contact these agencies to sign up for the exam. The Federation can be reached at 1-866-962-3926 or at and the National Certification Board can be reached at 1-800-296-0664 or at


    A state Jurisprudence examination The State Jurisprudence exam will be provided to you when your application for licensure is received by the Board office.

    Q: I just took and passed the National Examination will the Board accept the score report I received at the testing site as proof of taking and passing the examination?

    No. You must request to have your exam score sent directly to the Board office.

    Q: How long does the application process take?

    The application process may take two weeks once all documents have been received.

    Q: I have a massage therapy license in another state and I am nationally certified. May I practice in New Mexico with my out-of-state license? ( NMAC)

    No. You must be licensed by the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board in order to practice massage therapy as a Massage Therapist in New Mexico.

    Q: How do I obtain a duplicate license and or notify the Board of my new Address? ( NMAC)

    The Board will issue a duplicate/replacement license upon receipt of a written request and fee ($25.00). You may obtain a change of address form by downloading it from the Forms & Applications page, or you may change that information online by following this link:

    Q: How many continuing education hours are required for renewal? ( A & B NMAC)

    Massage Therapist 16 hours total; 4 hours in ethics.  Instructor Registrants 16 hours total; 8 hours must consist of the knowledge, skills and abilities of teaching adult learners.

    Q: When are renewals available?

    Licenses and Registrations expire (biennially) on October 31st.  Renewal notices are emailed approximately 45 days prior to the expiration date noted on the license. If you do not receive your renewal notice, contact the Board Office to make sure we have your correct/current email address.

    Q: Who are “Board Approved” providers for CPR, First Aid and AED certification?

    The Board currently accepts CPR, First Aid and AED certificates from: The American Heart Association, Safety Services, LLC, The American Red Cross, EMS Safety Services and Pro-Trainings LLC.

    Q: What happens if I fail to renew my license?

    Your license is placed on inactive status for a period not to exceed two years. At the end of two years, if the license has not been reactivated, it will automatically expire.

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