Board of Funeral Services: FAQs

Q: What are the educational requirements to become a licensed funeral service practitioner in New Mexico?
  • Applicants must graduate from an institution accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education or recognized by the United States Office of Education for Funeral Service Education.
  • Applicants must serve as a licensed funeral service intern for not less than twelve months, under the supervision of a licensed funeral service practitioner.
  • For a complete checklist and application (Click HERE) RTS add link
Q: Where can I attend a course on contagious and infectious disease training?

Most funeral establishments provide this information or you can check the board’s continuing education log provided on the website.

Q: As a funeral service intern under direct supervision, am I required to submit continuing education?

No. You are only required to submit continuing education if you are a funeral service intern under general supervision.

Q: If I have more than the required continuing education hours for my renewal period, am I allowed to carryover any of those hours to the next renewal period?

No. There shall be no reduction or prorating of continuing education hours required for the next renewal period.

Q: Can I get continuing education hours for attending a board meeting?

Yes. Attending a board meeting can go towards your continuing education hours depending on the length of the meeting, but not to exceed four (4) hours.

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